Seven Springs Ranch Ministries


Our Mission

To provide a refuge of rest, joy, restoration and celebration.  Welcoming all in the love of Jesus. 


Our Story


On June 17, 2017, Tim had a massive heart attack.  Within minutes of arriving at the ER he went into full cardiac arrest.  Julie placed her trust completely In the Lord and prayed that His will be done.  The hospital worked tirelessly to save Tim and after a total 90 minutes without a pulse, they were able to revive him enough to place a stent.  Even though Tim had made it through, the doctor told Julie that he could give her no hope and was not optimistic that he would make it through the night because his lungs were full of fluid, his kidneys and liver were failing and they didn’t know if he had any brain function.  Julie explained that her hope came from God and would be optimistic for both of them.  The two days and thousands of prayers later, Tim was sitting up in bed, talking coherently with restored body function and praising our great God.

Because of God’s grace and mercy, Tim and Julie committed to being obedient to God wherever that would take them.  God’s call brought them to Seven Springs Ranch in Emmett, ID.  God placed it on their hearts to turn the ranch into a safe haven where hearts can be restored, lives healed and hope renewed.

When completed the Ranch will be a Christian event and retreat center, Equine Rescue and Therapeutic Ranch. The journey has been long and difficult but God’s grace and blessings have carried them through and will allow the Ranch to be a place of joy, restoration and hope for all who visit.


God's Will Be Done

 God placed it on our hearts to build a place of refuge, joy and restoration.  We had no idea what this healing place would look like but we knew the extent of God’s sovereign power to make it happen.  We embarked on the journey called Seven Springs Ranch.  We are in the process of building out the Ranch so that it can be a light on the hill bringing community together.  When our doors officially open it will be a Christian Event and Retreat Center, Equine Rescue and Therapeutic Ranch, and a place of refuge and rebuilding for at-risk youth and adults.   

Coming Soon

Equine Rescue

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy


 Seven Springs Ranch has been offered several horses, some that have been rescued from abuse and neglect and others that have worked hard and deserve to trot gently into retirement. 

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy


 Equine therapy programs provide a safe place for individuals, horses and families to experience hope, healing and encouragement