Current needs at Seven Springs Ranch:


A gently loved, old Suburban or van

God laid it on Julie's heart to gather teens throughout the community to get them to youth group events.  Seven Springs Ranch hosted a "Teens Night Out"  allowing teens to gather in a safe, healthy environment and learn about the love of Jesus.   Problem is, we have a three butt truck and a 4 butt jeep.  That's not a lot of teens.

Tractor with auger and bucket

We don't need our own.  Just use of one periodically.  However if you have one and your tractoring needs are no longer, please consider donating to Seven Springs Ranch 

Dirt moving

We have an exit to the parking lot that washed out in the spring of this year.  We need to move a lot of dirt and rebuild it. 

We appreciate your support!

If you wish to donate an item or service to Seven Springs Ranch please click the link below and let us know how you'd like to help.